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Lil Wayne Beyonce Nicki Minaj Sweet Dreams (No Ceilings)

in case the mp3 doesn’t work ^^^

thanks Caitlin!

Beyonce is my power animal.

Beyonce is my power animal.

She always seems to know what I want to see, when I want to see it.

I meant to put this video up days ago. Another amazing performance. I’m not gonna pretend like I haven’t been listening to both ‘I am… Sasha Fierce’ and ‘Jagged Little Pill’ A Lot lately. So what a coincidence my girl tore up ‘you oughta know’ at the grammys. Like WHAT!!? totally unexpected! Loved it! Love her!

What a woman

Beyonce and Alicia Keys Put it in a Love Song


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Are y’all getting excited to see this video?

lady gaga and beyonce - telephone video just released

ew more lady gaga than i ever needed to see

I liked this better than video phone, I thought that the Quentin Tarantino theme was stronger in this one and better executed, but I at the same time I don’t like Tarantino sooo that didn’t do much for me, but they did do a good job so I appreciate it I guess.

but come on, how much product placement can you stuff in to one music video!? Virgin mobile, diet coke, polaroid, even miracle whip and wonder bread! and damn lady gaga, stop putting your damn ear buds in your video. Aren’t Beats hyped up enough already? it’s just tacky.

but her cigarette glasses are awesome and so is that blue telephone hat

anyway, worth posting, heads up the video is like 10 min long

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Beyonce - I’d Rather Go Blind

(Etta James cover)

sing it girl!!!!!!!!!! I love it!


I will always believe in the strength we have as women, there are certain things that you should just not put up with, and you have the choice to set the standards.
(via hellyeahbeyonce)
well that&#8217;s awesome

(via hellyeahbeyonce)

well that’s awesome

(via hellyeahbeyonce)
Beyonce building sandcastles

Andddd Beyonce puts out another song that I think was written for me. (maybe I have a big ego… no pun intended)

interesting video concept, wish it was a little simpler, I didn’t like the super cheesy parts, including the intro, leave that mess with Gaga.

But I did like the aesthetic, and the outfits were sooo great, did you see those purple Louboutin platforms, because they were perfect. I’ve been eyein’ those suckers for months. And I REALLY loved the way the scenes looked when shes on the phone with the martini, and that one piece, and all those rings, and the bubble bath, oh shes so perfect.

"it really has no rhythm"

exactly, that’s what I meant.

some rhythm + class woulda made this dope.