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Mp3 Earring Concept


Created by Lee Won- Jon this concept of a piece of jewelery becoming an MP3player is a concept I would love to see commercialized. Giving us a way to get our sound in such a stylish way… The Snobs definitely approve. Spotted at yanko. Another image on the flip.

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this is really cool

3D TV at home, whaat whhaaaat

New technology called “skinput” allows users to use their skin as a touch screen. real talk. this is amazing.

This is an example of what kind of stuff you might find on YouTube blog.

This post (here) is explaining the future of Technology Demo Videos. No one likes sitting through 5 minutes of a nerd talking about why the new iphone is sweet, even though we want to know why the new iphone is sweet. So this post is about YouTube users who are making interesting demo videos, like the one posted above. Check out the blog entry, and I’ll try to stop talking about YouTube Blog…

(thanks for this entry Louis)

cool clock!

cool clock!

Hooked Up Trailer finally released!!!
Watch the trailer for the movie I was working on in Barcelona! It’s the first feature length film shot ENTIRELY with an iPhone!

(my iPhone!!!)

Hooked Up: Pablo Larcuen's Interview on Vice

Check it out, I’m Credited on Vice for my footage from “The Making of Hooked Up”!!!